Dmitry Kudryashov shared his opinion on the fight between Gassiev and Nuri Seferi


Russian heavyweight boxer Dmitry Kudryashov discussed the upcoming debut of Murat Gassiev in the heavyweight division against boxer from Albania Nuri Seferi.

According to “Russian Kuvalda”, the repeated change of opponents should not greatly affect the performance of Gassiev, for whom it is more important in this fight to feel the ring after two years of inactivity.

“About the fight between Murat and Nuri Seferi, I would like to say that it is unlikely that the change of opponent will affect Murat, his mood, his preparation, because Nuri Seferi is a boxer, probably of the first hundred. And for Murat, for the world champion in two versions this fight will not be extremely difficult. Moreover, Nuri Seferi has risen from the first heavyweight. His anthropometry will not be a problem for Murat. I think he will cope with it. This fight is needed in order for Murat to feel the ring, to find himself after the break. ” , – said Kudryashov.

Recall that initially Gassiev was supposed to box with Kevin Johnson, but the American decided to abandon the fight due to problems with his passport. Then Sefer Seferi was found to replace the ex-contender for the WBC title, but after a couple of days the fighter from Albania was forced to quarantine, because he trained in the same gym with boxers who were diagnosed with COVID-19.


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