District of Columbia State Bill Submitted to Congress

District of Columbia State Bill Submitted to Congress

House and Senate Democrats have introduced legislation to transform the metropolitan District of Columbia, where Washington is located, into the 51st state in the United States.

In the House of Representatives, this initiative was introduced by the delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a similar document was presented to the Senate by Tom Carper.

“The chances of a county becoming a state have never been higher,” Norton said, noting that the bill was first passed by the House of Representatives last year and garnered a “record” 202 co-sponsors.

Although the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives may re-approve the bill, the chances of passing the Senate are slim.

Democrats control the Senate only because Vice President Kamala Harris has a casting vote in a 50-50 seat split.

However, Democrats will need to overcome procedural delays (filibuster), which requires 60 votes, that is, at least 10 Republicans must join them.

Many Republican lawmakers are opposed to giving the District of Columbia state status, as it will almost certainly be represented by Democrats in Congress.

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