Dillian White: “I don’t think Usyk is big and strong enough to compete in the heavyweight division.”


British heavyweight champion Dillian White after the fight between the former undisputed world heavyweight champion Alexander Usyk and Derek Chisora ​​doubted the Ukrainian’s prospects in the “royal” division.

“Chisora ​​was aggressive and often forced Usyk to retreat, but Alexander would have done it anyway. Usyk never goes forward. He just boxes on his hind leg and scores points. He didn’t even think of dropping Chisora. Derek said he would. war, and he replied: “No, no war. There will be a boxing match. “

I don’t think Usyk is big and strong enough to perform here. I doubt he holds the punch well enough because Chisora’s hits bothered him.

Usyk is a cruiser, however, he was the undefeated champion there. So, of course, both will talk about him. Some even say it’s number two, three or four, “Dillian White told Sky Sports News.

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