Diary Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: performance on the big screen

Diary Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: performance on the big screen

They say that in the operating instructions for Rolls-Royce cars (let their owners confirm or, conversely, refute) the engine power is literally said “sufficient”. In fact, the real owner of such a car is hardly interested in how much horsepower the engine of this car can develop. And the company leaves to break lances in disputes to others who are not included in the circle of its real buyers. It’s not even about the secrecy of the company, but about the fact that the buyers of such equipment have different interests and needs in life. Which their technique perfectly satisfies without knowing the specifications. Flagship smartphones, which undoubtedly include the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, have already for several years approached the same line, after which their owner is no longer so interested in performance in synthetic tests, which still excite the minds of geeks (although every year less and less – the market is becoming commoditized, that is, smartphones are turning from a technological novelty into the same mass product as any other).

Indeed, when smartphones are already able to play (and shoot) video in 4K and even 8K, how critical is the issue of performance to the user? Laptop manufacturers are already seriously considering moving to more energy efficient ARM processors (and some are already selling such laptops). We even have a separate article on our website about how ARM processors are replacing Intel. Not that the editorial office gg will suddenly stop paying attention to performance and measure it in benchmarks, it is just that the value of this information for the buyer is becoming less and less obvious. Yes, in modern high-performance games this is still important – detail and frame rate are higher. This is critical for the game. But all this is true for desktop games as well. And not all players have top-end hardware, and can we say that its absence interferes with enjoying the game? Unlikely.

I have already written in detail about how you can relate to the modern performance of smartphones, what affects it, and how to increase it (and why) when it comes to Samsung smartphones. Who cares can satisfy their curiosity, but we should know that inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is the most productive Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ processor at the moment with all the ensuing consequences.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 performance measurements

In Geekbench version 5.2.5, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 scored 2797 points in multi-core mode and 832 points in single-core mode. At the same time, it is several percent ahead in performance of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra.

In the PC Mark benchmark Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 scores 12,276 points in the Work 2.0 test, 21860 points in the Storage test and 9410 points in the computer vision test.

The Work 2.0 benchmark in moderate power saving and optimized productivity mode scores 9511 and 11,796 points, respectively. This once again confirms the simple truth: the optimal performance mode is called optimal because it provides the best balance of energy efficiency: both high performance and the maximum battery life. That is why this operating mode is set by default in Samsung smartphones, and is suitable for the vast majority of users. And for productive games, of course, it makes sense to activate the maximum performance mode and spare no energy to defeat the enemy.

Three things to know about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

  • It is equipped with the highest performing Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ processor to date.
  • Its performance exceeds that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  • For the vast majority of tasks, this performance is excessive.

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