Diary Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: multi-window mode “work like on a computer”

Diary Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: multi-window mode “work like on a computer”

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has two screens and two modes of operation – both a smartphone and a tablet. Accordingly, the presentation of installed applications also changes. Some of them already know how to change their idea, others – no. Some have a “tablet” version of the work, others do not. But things are changing rapidly, and if Google plans to support foldable folding screens in Android, then app developers will have the necessary tools to do so. And also, thanks to the tablet size of the main screen, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is more interesting than smartphones, the multi-window mode works, including dragging and dropping files and text.

I have already written about displaying applications in smartphone and tablet views using the examples of a browser and Facebook. Now I want to dwell on this point again using the example of the common application of New Mail. In the smartphone version, on the external display, it looks like on a regular smartphone and allows you to conveniently use everything you need:

If you open your smartphone at this moment, it will look different on the main screen – the image will simply stretch:

But if you launch it in horizontal orientation (just rotating the screen will not be enough), then the application will launch in a beautiful tablet mode, where more useful information is placed on the screen:

At the same time, if the application works on an external display, then when you open the smartphone, it will immediately work in full-screen mode, but on the contrary, in the case of New mail, unfortunately, it does not work: the smartphone will offer to restart it on the external screen:

At the same time, some applications (the same Facebook or system applications) perfectly transfer the transition from one screen to another and back, without restarting. That is, while it is still difficult and individual, but in the not so distant future, when folding smartphones will be truly massive, everything will happen seamlessly on any applications. So far, everything depends on the developers of a particular application themselves. And it is clear that Samsung will put its applications in order faster, some global services, like Facebook, will also quickly adopt new rules of the game, but with the rest everything will be in the hands of their creators.

Multi-window mode Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

The undoubted advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 include the ability to work with applications in two or even three windows at the same time. To activate the second window, you can use the proprietary Edge quick launch panel, which greatly facilitates the user’s daily life and is useful in many cases when using a smartphone (I wrote about it in more detail in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra diary).

Then the screen is divided into two equal parts. And this is also true for the external screen:

You can drag text or file icons between running windows. You just need to press and hold the desired fragment or icon, then drag and drop it and release it in the right place:

The screen in three-window mode looks like this. You can change the proportions of the windows using two sliders – vertical and horizontal.

All this, of course, does not make working with documents more convenient than on a computer, but it certainly increases the level of our mobility, allowing us to edit documents literally on the go, simply by taking a smartphone out of a pocket or bag. Even a laptop takes time to get it out, open it and at the same time sit down – working while standing with a laptop is possible only in some exceptional and force majeure circumstances. While for any smartphone, working while standing (and even on the move) is its natural environment. All in all, long live mobility! Anytime and anywhere.

Three things to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold’s multi-window mode

  • It works on both external and internal screen.
  • On the main screen, you can open not only two, but also three application windows.
  • Multi-window mode supports drag and drop.

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