Diary Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: 10 cool shots taken with the camera of this smartphone

Diary Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: 10 cool shots taken with the camera of this smartphone

Usually, when it comes to a smartphone camera, we expect it to take good pictures on a bright sunny day. And today, absolutely any camera shoots like this, even the most that neither is the budget model. The fun begins when there is not enough light: indoors, at dusk and even at night. Flagship smartphones have made a real breakthrough in night photography over the past two years. And Galaxy Z Fold2 is no exception: by and large, its cameras shoot at the same level as the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20. Except where some special tricks are used: for example, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Ultra is a superzoom using a periscope lens. Which allows you to take amazing pictures. Or an emphasis on a selfie camera like the Galaxy S20 FE, which uses a 32MP module. I have selected a dozen interesting pictures taken by the camera Galaxy Z Fold2 demonstrating its capabilities.

First, a little theory. The Galaxy Z Fold2 has five cameras: triple rear and two (due to the design of the foldable display) front. The capabilities of the main cameras differ in aperture ratio – for conditions when there is little light, the main camera is best suited, this is especially noticeable in video. But, their own, the second and third cameras are designed to change the angle of capture of the image (less and more), with which they do an excellent job. The front cameras are identical in their capabilities. All cameras can shoot video in resolution up to UHD (3840×2160 up to 60 frames per second). In the professional shooting mode, which I wrote about in detail in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra diary, the main camera supports HDR 10+ video recording and autofocus tracking (both functions work in all modes except the maximum possible – 4K @ 60fps). The technical capabilities of all 5 cameras look like this:

  • 12 MP, main, wide-angle, f / 1.8, 26 mm, matrix 1 / 1.76 “, pixel size 1.8 µm, autofocus Dual Pixel PDAF, optical stabilization
  • 12 MP, telephoto f / 2.4, 52 mm, matrix 1 / 3.6 “, pixel size 1.0 µm, PDAF autofocus, optical stabilization, optical zoom 2x
  • 12 MP ultra-wide f / 2.2, 12 mm (123˚), 1.12 µm pixel size
  • 10 MP, wide-angle, f / 2.2, 26 mm, pixel size 1.22 µm
  • 10 MP, wide-angle, f / 2.2, 26 mm, pixel size 1.22 µm

Sample pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

This picture was taken in cloudy winter weather, when freezing rain with ice covered Kiev. I took this picture 2 minutes before, cursing and cursing the weather, I was dealing with the same layer of ice on my car, where, in addition to problems with the windshield and rear window, a layer of ice a good centimeter thick blocked the door. This photo clearly shows how bokeh works in macro photography: the background is already out of focus at a distance of several centimeters, and the background is generally beautifully blurred.

The front camera shoots well too, but the Galaxy Z Fold2, due to its design, has one feature: the smartphone allows you to take selfies with the main camera. To do this, you need to click on the special selfie icon, like the Z Flip, which activates the external screen in shooting mode.

After that, the camera control interface will appear on the external screen, including the lens selection and the shutter button. And by the way, this button can be pressed even when the screen is open, but then it is simply called On / Off and when it is activated, there is no control interface and shutter button on the external screen, which at first confused me. But there is still a way out – it is enough to show the camera an open palm to activate a two-second countdown timer. Two seconds is enough to lower your hand and make a funny face get ready.

The front cameras also support one of my favorite Samsung camera modes, Live Focus. You can blur the background in five different ways, including desaturation, which is used in this case.

Indoors, in good lighting conditions, you can get predictably good pictures with excellent detail.

And here is an example of shooting through the glass of a shop window – in fact, a very common situation in real life. The glare from the LED lamp on the glass only added to the atmosphere of this shot.

When there is not much light in the room, but there is someone willing to pose, you can also achieve good results:

As I already wrote, modern cameras of flagship smartphones perfectly cope with shooting in low light conditions. The camera sees a lot more than the human eye – the automation, if necessary, turns on first HDR, then night mode. The result is a shot like this under the sofa with high dynamic range.

But you can shoot in complete darkness. In this shot, the candle on the cake is the only light source.

Night photography on the street has become the hallmark of modern technologies in smartphone cameras.

The pictures look especially impressive with all the bright garlands that appear in cities on the eve of New Year’s holidays.

You can view and download all images in full resolution here.

Three things to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 camera

  • She has five lenses: three for the main camera and one for the two front ones.
  • Thanks to the folding display design, you can take selfies with the main camera.
  • The shooting results are in line with the capabilities of the flagship models of Samsung smartphones.

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