Diary Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Bixby Routines – scenarios that bring the future

Diary Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Bixby Routines – scenarios that bring the future

What do we know about Samsung Bixby? That this is a proprietary version of Samsung’s assistant, working on some kind of artificial intelligence algorithms. In practice, we’ve been familiar with Bixby for a long time, since 2017, when the Samsung Galaxy S8 was introduced. But how many of you used this voice assistant, even if you knew about its existence? Even a dedicated button for Bixby on a separate phone case did not help for promotion. As a rule, experienced users simply reassigned (thanks, Samsung for giving this opportunity) to other actions. But now I’m going to tell you about Bixby features that are really worth using and what benefits they bring to all of us.

My experience with Bixby on a regular basis began with the most commonly used features of a smartphone. Of course, we are talking about the camera. Bixby appeared in Samsung cameras a few years ago. And it includes all the smart services that require a camera. First of all, it is, of course, reading QR codes. The QR codes themselves are not as widespread in our country as, for example, in China, where they are used by everyone, young and old, but sometimes reading the codes is still necessary in our conditions. In Samsung smartphone cameras, this feature is available in the Bixby section. And there is also a translator (using the Google Translate functionality). There are several other modes of operation of the Bixby camera that are not relevant for our country. For example, Shopping is an object that the camera is hovering over looking for products in an Amazon store. Wine (you need to point the camera at the wine bottle label) – Vivino service is used. Search is not about searching in general, but about finding interesting objects (as indicated in the commentary during the shooting, Microsoft and Pinterest are used for inspiration. By the way, in France, somehow, for the sake of interest, I was looking for a label of wine that was brought to us in restaurant, and really found it, surprising others with his “knowledge” about wine. The new version of the Bixby camera used in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has several more modes: Scene Description, Object ID, Text Reading and Color Detection. to be useful for blind people (by the way, we have a separate interesting text about how blind people use smartphones) And it all works, but, again, in practice it can be convenient for the blind or for a pleasant pastime with modern technologies, and there is a practical benefit from reading QR codes.

Bixby Routines: scenarios for all occasions

Several years ago, in one podcast, I learned that smartphones of the near future (for you and me, this is already present, and now you will understand why) will predict our desires and our behavior. Sounds fantastic? Not when you consider that our behavior and usage scenarios differ from the time of day, our location, and the connected zoo of devices. And all this data is already in our smartphone. A simple example: you wake up and pick up your smartphone. How many of you do otherwise? Everyone has a different use case – some are reading the news bulletin, some are reading the weather information. Someone climbs to watch likes on Instagram overnight, someone – views of their videos on YouTube, and someone – fresh controversies and discussions on Facebook or Twitter. Separately, we will highlight such a genre as parental chats in Viber. Although it can be housemates, for example. Another scenario – you get into the car, drive to work. It’s good if you have Android Auto, and if not, you can automatically launch Spotify’s energetic playlist for driving on the road. Or a fresh podcast. Or what you listen to during your trip. Come to the office. The smartphone connects to the office Wi-Fi network. And here, too, there may be different options – do you want to read mail and messages on your smartphone or is it better to refuse them altogether? Will you connect to headphones? Want to change the volume level? How about changing the volume level of the phone calls? Do you need it to be maximum or, on the contrary, do you need a silent mode?

All of these scripts can now be used and customized in the Bixby Routines app. The future has already arrived, I congratulate you! And the more and more often you use them, the more accurate the recommended scenarios will be in the near future. Bixby (and how many). In this case, of course, all of them will be available for adjustment depending on your preferences. This magic is activated in the “Additional functions” settings:

A dozen ready-made scenarios are already available, which, firstly, cover a lot of life situations, and, secondly, open up a huge field for new experiments with technologies. You can create the future right here and right now!

The list of conditions for scenarios occupies two menu screens. Events can be time intervals, locations (home, office, summer cottage, favorite cinema or dog walking area) connected devices. Triggers can be the launch of specific applications, battery level. A huge field for experiments!

The list of actions available for control is even larger – for five menu screens! There is practically everything that you can do with a smartphone in its settings. There is where to turn around even a seasoned geek.

But the most interesting thing lies in the last action – Launching a script that opens a window into a separate universe of the Internet of Things (Samsung calls this SmartThings). The corresponding application is launched to control all (mostly future) smart home devices:

To take advantage of all these benefits of civilization, you will need to install plugins and additional applications. And also buy all these devices for controlling a smart home: CCTV cameras and security, lighting throughout the apartment, smart cleaning and comfort. To be honest, at the sight of all this, I have two thoughts at once. Firstly, in the next years I will have a lot of work with this entire technique. Secondly, I am sure that somewhere in a secret laboratory not far from Seoul, engineers are already working on the creation of both new devices for the future smart home, and the automation of their work, and the smartphone will be the control center of this entire economy.

Coming back from talking about the future, to talking about the present, I personally activated an additional script that allows you to turn off the annoying pop-up notifications when playing games on your smartphone. And my life immediately became a little less nervous, and therefore a little more pleasant. I also experimented with different settings for the smartphone while working at home and in the evening, when I do not want to receive notifications from instant messengers and mail that arrive around the clock. This made it possible to make the balance between work and personal life a little more convenient. In general, as I said, there is a huge field for settings and experiments to make your life more comfortable. And all this thanks to the smartphone. We all scold technology for making our lives unbearable and dependent. Now is the time to return everything back to the same technologies. The way it will be more convenient and useful for us. Speech, no less, about control over your own life in an era of satiety with information.

Three important things to remember about Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

  • The Bixby Vision app inside the system camera allows you to read QR codes without installing additional apps. And can be used to translate texts.
  • Bixby Routines scripts are now able to even more accurately customize the smartphone to the user’s preferences, taking into account his habits, places he visits and time.
  • In the future, when we are surrounded by more and more smart home technology, we will use automatic scripts for its work, creating our own comfortable environment.

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