Diary of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: S Pen, mastered new professions

Diary of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: S Pen, mastered new professions

There is certainly one thing that makes the entire Galaxy Note series unique and unrepeatable. Samsung avoids calling it a stylus because what kind of stylus is it? The stylus is a stick from the history of the ancient world, which was used to write on clay tablets. And here is a whole independent gadget with its own electronics and software. And it is called the S Pen, although another word is used for it – a pen. In general, I do not belong to the category of users who like to take notes with something other than a keyboard. My handwriting atrophied a long time ago, because for twenty years now I have been using a pen only to sign documents (that is still an anachronism, between us speaking), and I never knew how to draw. For those who can and love to draw any Galaxy Note is a real find. Everyone else should be aware of the S Pen’s capabilities too, even if they think they’ll never use it. Because sooner or later, things like remote camera control, image text recognition or translation from a foreign language may be needed. And it’s better to know in advance how to use all this happiness in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Moreover, the current capabilities of the S Pen impress even an inveterate skeptic like me.

How do I get started with the S Pen?

Nothing could be easier – just take out the pen from its compartment inside your smartphone. To make a note in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra doesn’t even need to unlock it – you can write directly on the screen off. It looks like this (yes, I warned that my handwriting is disgusting):

The S Pen settings are located in the More Features menu and include a bunch of toggle switches that let you turn on and off a bunch of technical features, depending on whether the user finds them useful or annoying. After removing the S Pen from the smartphone, a list of application shortcuts available for using the pen appears on the screen. The list is incomplete, it can be adjusted at your discretion. Until the S Pen returned to its compartment, this list is available by pressing a special button floating on the screen (whoever annoys it suddenly can turn it off in the settings – it’s always nice when the manufacturer does not impose its interface solutions, like one well-known fruit company, but gives the ability for the user to decide for himself which line between convenience and obsession he prefers).

If you click on the button with the image of the connected pen, a window appears in which you can start the tutorial on how to work with the S Pen help. By clicking on the plus sign, you can call the settings for the list of shortcuts and add those that are worth using, as well as, on the contrary, remove those that are not needed in the work.

The training application, by the way, will not be superfluous at all. IN Galaxy Note 20 Ultra pen can recognize 7 gestures – movement in four directions, rotation clockwise and counterclockwise, and flick. It is worth practicing with the tutorial to master these gestures – you are unlikely to succeed on the first try, but the application will tell you how to make the gestures so that the system recognizes them – move your hand a little faster or slower, make the circle a little larger, and so on. It took me just a couple of minutes to master.

Each of the five gesture gestures can be used to launch an application. Another application can be launched by long pressing the S Pen button. The result is some kind of magic from Harry Potter, it all looks a little funny and really smacks of techno magic. System apps have a list of gestures that they recognize for control. For example, one of the most advanced is the camera app. By the way, a long press on the button launches it by default. A short press activates the camera shutter, a double quick press switches the camera to the front and back. You can select shooting modes with gestures. In general, by the way, remote control of the camera using the S Pen will sooner or later come in handy, for example, for self-portraits, when the arm’s length is clearly not enough. And in general, it is convenient to shoot without touching the smartphone screen – this contactless technique was used by photographers from the time of film photography – they had a special cable screwed to the shutter button.

Some apps have a larger list of gestures, while others have less. By the way, another remote control script Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with S Pen – Switch between presentation slides. Displaying a presentation file from a smartphone on a large screen and using the stylus as a clicker for presentations is not a superfluous function for the buyers of this smartphone, I am more than sure that it will not only be in demand, but also provide an incredibly pleasant user experience.

But the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra wouldn’t be itself if it didn’t (once again) give the user the ability to customize something. By default, the Chrome browser does not use gestures to control, but they can be easily assigned at your discretion – you can control the scrolling of a web page up and down, go to the next or return to the previous page and cause the link to be sent.

How to caption screenshots

Probably, everyone had to take screenshots in order to show some errors in them or to highlight some important places. For example, I have to do this in my work more often than I would like. For example, on our website you cannot use the module for sending editorial errors from a smartphone. Smartphones don’t have a Ctrl button and that’s it. It is available on computers, but not needed on smartphones. In such cases, you can launch the Screen Caption application, which will first take a screenshot and then allow you to make an inscription. And thanks to the S Pen, you can do it much more accurately than using your finger on the screen.

The S Pen profession: recognizing text in images

We all (hopefully) know how to copy text from a smartphone, but what if the text is inside an image or photo? Image recognition technologies are not new, but for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user there is no need to install any application and pay more for it. All you have to do is remove the pen and launch the Smart Choice application shortcut. Then select the frame of the desired fragment and voila! – the text is recognized, it can be copied to the clipboard and sent.

S Pen profession: translator

Of course, we all know that modern mobile applications allow you to translate texts. But if you don’t do it all the time, there is always a risk that the application will not be at hand at the right time. Owners The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will never be in a similar situation. Need to translate a page or paragraph of text? We take out the S Pen, launch the “Translation” shortcut, select a language pair (from which language you need translation and into which one) and immediately get the result:

S Pen Profession: Tik-Tok / Instagram Channel Producer

Another S Pen app will be appreciated by anyone who makes vertical videos for Instagram or Tik Tok. If vertical videos annoy you, you are behind the times (we, by the way, have a good article on how vertical video originated and conquered the world, I highly recommend it). You can select a photo or video from the gallery and add pictures or captions to it. If the video is long, you will need to first select a short fragment from it. The result can be saved as MP4 or GIF file.

It looks like this. You can send to stories and collect likes.

The S Pen profession: handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition was popular in handheld computers one and a half to two decades ago. Technologies have long been worked out, but the peak of popularity has passed. Notes is one of the most common use cases for the S Pen. And smartphones of the Galaxy Note series are often bought precisely for such records. I will not talk about choosing backgrounds, experimenting with line thickness, color and style – you know all about this. I will only note that the text recognition in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra works great even with my handwriting, which is not much ahead of the level of a chicken paw, and copes with two languages ​​at the same time.

The recognized text can then be formatted: replace the color, font, make it a numbered list. And also cross out the completed shopping items.

Another interesting feature for those who like to draw diagrams is the automatic transformation of gnarled shapes into beautiful and geometrically flawless ones. Lines, squares, rectangles, diamonds, stars and even arrows are easily recognized.

Three important things to know about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra S Pen:

  • Uniquely available only on Galaxy Note smartphones, pushing the boundaries of mobile user experience
  • It allows you not only to write and draw, but to control smartphone applications using different combinations of button presses and gestures
  • S Pen facilitates translation, recognition of text in pictures and handwriting, which greatly improves the productivity of its owner

For those who want to know more

To be continued. If you have questions about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra smartphone – leave them in the comments, I will try to answer.

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