Deontay Wilder turned down Mayweather’s offer to coach him: “I don’t feel love from him.”


Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder continues to amaze the boxing community with his controversial claims.

In early October, ring legend Floyd Mayweather said in one of his interviews that he was ready to help Wilder reach a new level if he wants to win the championship title again.

A harmless offer, but not for Wilder, who does not want to train under Mayweather’s guidance, because he does not believe that he speaks from the bottom of his heart.

“The thing is, every fighter I fought, Floyd always bet against me. I’m not even going to discuss it. No one has said anything good about my coaches before, but suddenly they start to declare that I need a coach.” – quotes the words of Wilder The Daily Mail.

“All this time, and suddenly – now! Why? I don’t need anyone. Why do I need to change anything? Of course, we need a replacement, and you will soon see who it will be. But nobody contacted me.

All this is just for the sake of publicity. When I see people doing this, I understand that this is just a game for the audience. I am grateful to Mayweather for his offer, but no thanks. I don’t feel any love from this person. Their actions do not demonstrate this. It’s not real love for me, but they already know it well. They are not able to look me in the eye and tell them that I am important to them and that they want to see me succeed.

They cannot look me in the eye and be sincere, because I will feel it. They cannot do this because they know it is false. All for the sake of publicity. “

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