Deontay Wilder named another reason for the defeat by Fury: “Something was poured into my water”


Former world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder continues to find new excuses for losing his rematch with Tyson Fury. This time, the American puncher said that on the eve of the battle, a substance was mixed into his water, due to which he instantly lost strength.

“When I warmed up on my legs 15 minutes before the fight everything was perfect. I felt great. It was until I entered the ring. And then this transformation happened. I drank water, trying to stay hydrated. I started to feel strange. Something was poured into my water, it felt like I was taking a muscle relaxant or something.

When the fight ends against you, you always look at what happened. Some things and atmosphere didn’t feel right. There was a feeling that something would go wrong, and not in my favor.

It wasn’t just a suit, something had been mixed into my water. It was a different experience. I felt like I was not in control of my body, my legs were weak, “- said Deontay Wilder in an interview with 78SportsTV.

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