Denzel Washington developed respect for police officers after a dangerous incident

Denzel Washington developed respect for police officers after a dangerous incident

The Hollywood action star admitted that he respects the hard work of the police.

Denzel Washington, 66, is often cast in the roles of tough but fair cops. The Oscar winner brilliantly played cops in such blockbusters as The Reign of Fear, The Fallen, The Wrath, The Great Equalizer. The actor knows firsthand what the work of an ordinary ordinary policeman is. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Patrolman Nick Stiles revealed some details from the movie Ricochet (1991). The picture tells the story of a police officer who single-handedly neutralized a dangerous criminal. Years later, the protagonist becomes an assistant district attorney, and the offender escapes from prison and wants revenge.

To better fit into the role, Washington took part in the patrol and took over with a real police sergeant. That evening, a call came over the radio about another incident – a man was noticed near the house, waving a rifle and looking, as Washington recalls, a complete madman. The patrolman and the actor arrived at the scene after going round the house. The sergeant ordered Denzel to stay in the car. At this time, another car drove up to the house, from which two young men ran out screaming. As it turned out, these were the grandchildren of the same man. Washington noted that during this whole story, the policeman remained iron calm, showing excellent restraint.

“He could have shot this man who was clearly not himself and radiated a threat. He could also kill these young people who were screaming. But he did not do this, showing me that our police are able to soberly and quickly assess the situation, without harming anyone, ”said the actor and said that after this incident, he became even more respectful of the law enforcement officers.

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Author: Alla Karfidova

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