Denis Lebedev: “When I watch boxing, I instinctively make biases”


Tomorrow on the TV channel “Match TV” will be released the next issue of the documentary cycle “Life after Sports”, the protagonist of which will be the former world champion in the first heavy weight Denis Lebedev.

Recall that Lebedev spent his last performance in December 2019, having suffered a crushing defeat to the South African boxer Tabiso Mchun. After that, Denis decided to finally hang his gloves on a nail and since then has been engaged in completely different things, although he admits that while watching boxing fights it is difficult for him to find a place for himself.

“There is such an expression“ the skin itches. ”Therefore, when I watch boxing broadcasts on Match TV, I instinctively make inclinations with the boxers, many of whom I know personally,” Lebedev said. – “It’s a beautiful sight, but the reality of the sport is such that you can die in the ring. And I’m not ready to lay down my head for the belt of the world champion. So it was not difficult for me to decide to end my career in December 2019. I am an adequate person and I can accept criticism, listen to people. Therefore, I calmly left. Midlife crisis? I have no time to think about these three words. They are not in my life. “

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