Denis Lebedev: “I believe that in many respects it was only due to good footwork that Usyk escaped defeat”


Former world champion in the first heavy weight Denis Lebedev commented on the victory of the Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usik over Derek Chisora. First of all, the Russian veteran warned Usik that he would face more severe trials in the heavyweight than the British slugger, whom he passed by unanimous decision with some difficulty.

“Alexander Usik needs to clearly understand that there are guys who are stronger than Derek Chisora ​​in the heavyweight division. He chose a difficult path for himself. So far he has only made the first step. RIA News.

Lebedev noted that Usik still needs to make a lot of efforts to get to the top. According to Denis, Alexander owes much of his success in the fight with Chisora ​​to excellent footwork.

“He has already shown the whole world what His Majesty boxing is. Including his skilful footwork. I believe that in many respects only due to good footwork he escaped defeat,” Lebedev said.

At the same time, the interlocutor of the publication stressed that he considers Usik’s victory more convincing than the judicial notes showed. Lebedev is confident that the British organizers of the fight did everything to increase Chisora’s chances of success.

Recall that Grigory Drozd said that he liked the actions of Usik in the battle with Chisora.


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