Denis Berinchik – about the fight between Lomachenko and Lopez: “There will be a boxing school”


Ukrainian lightweight Denis Berinchik believes that his compatriot and colleague in the division Vasily Lomachenko will teach a boxing lesson to Teofimo Lopez.

“Of course, Lopez only has dimensions and a punch. Anyone can punch, but when you are forced to catch up, pulled from a distance, failed or turned around, this is a completely different boxing.

I think Lopez doesn’t have any supernatural skills or combinations. The fact that he is an open and read book has long been known for Ukrainian boxing. His stance and defensive actions are much worse than those of Vasyl Lomachenko.

There will be a boxing school. We can say that the skill will beat this whole laxity with its class, where they did not lower their hands or did not raise them. There, everything will develop from round to round. I am sure that Teofimo Lopez will then get tired because of the density of the fight and the motor skills that Lomachenko will show. It will keep him on his toes. Lopez will have to constantly attack, hit, miss, get tired. As a result, this moment will play “, – said Denis Berinchik in an interview with the SportArenaTV YouTube channel.

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