Denis Berinchik – about the conflict between Lomachenko and Redkach: “I think that the story about the church was embellished a little”


Ukrainian lightweight Denis Berinchik commented on the relationship between Ivan Redkach and Vasily Lomachenko, including the conflict that Redkach said occurred between them in the church.

“I don’t know about the conflict between Redkach and Lomachenko, what happened. I want to stay aside, I know both. It’s cool when someone says. The main thing is not to climb the line. he invented and can do it, or he didn’t think it up, but he took it from somewhere, inspired it — that’s cool.

I think the story about the church was embellished. Not so there was everything as written in words. You can write in different ways, and we know how they like to distort information. I think that the information that came directly to us was originally like a little needle in a haystack. And it was so embellished that a stack of needles and a small straw remained.

There, probably, only Vanya writes. Vanya, come on, scolding further. A barn, a fire and a hut burned down, “Denis Berinchik said in an interview with the SportArenaTV YouTube channel.

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