Demsey McKean announced his desire to fight Fury on December 5


The hype continues around the hypothetical confrontation between Tyson Fury and an as yet unknown rival, on December 5. So, he declared his desire to fight Fury,IBF Inter-Continental (2020-present), WBO Asia Pacific (2020-present) and WBO Africa (2019-present) heavyweight champion Demsey McKean (.18-0, 12 CO)

Why did the Australian choose Fury? McKean explained this:

“You have to fight to win, so why not! I will fight anyone because I am a fighter. And we both have Irish blood and it will be cool. I am determined to fight the best heavyweights in the world, and Fury is the best. I am can’t pass up this opportunity. “

Promoter McKinley Di Carlo thinks this is possible:

“It will not be difficult to organize. Demsey is a young, undefeated fighter, and this is what you need to fight a world champion. And the fact that he is not very unknown only brings additional intrigue to the fight. Plus, both boxers have Irish roots and therefore everyone will have it is interesting to see which of the Irish will leave with belts. “

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