Democrats presented a bill to strip Trump of presidential honors

Democrats have introduced a bill to the House of Representatives to ban the burial of former presidents “twice impeached” in Arlington National Cemetery.

Currently, only ex-President Donald Trump falls under this definition.

The bill also bans the use of federal funds to fund events commemorating presidents who have been twice impeached. Trump is the only president in US history to have been impeached twice.

The bill also restricts the use of public funding to “create or display any symbol, monument, or statue” in honor of twice impeached presidents and prohibits the naming of federal buildings or lands after them.

California Democratic Congressman Linda Sanchez, who introduced the bill, linked it to the ex-president’s encouragement of “racism and hatred.”

“This law guarantees that there are no honors for hatred: no buildings, no monuments, not even a park bench,” she said.

Illinois Republican Mary Miller strongly condemned the bill, accusing its authors of obsession with Trump.

“Wherever he is buried, it looks like he will forever remain in your minds. Nothing is more indicative of “unity” than a bill targeting a specific person, “she tweeted on Thursday.

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