Democratic Party building in Portland vandalized

Democratic Party building in Portland vandalized

About 150 protesters with slogans against Joe Biden and police marched in Portland, Oregon, and damaged the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters, police said.

They smashed windows and painted the building of the political party with anarchist symbols.

Demonstrators said they included anarchists, anti-fascists and racial justice. One of the posters read: “We don’t need Biden, we need revenge!” It was about “revenge” for the murders committed by the police, and for “fascist massacres.”

Police said it was one of at least four groups that planned to gather in the city on the day of the inauguration of the new US president.

Police tweeted that officers on bicycles rode into the crowd to reach the man with the weapon.

Police said the crowd started throwing objects at them. The guards used a smoke bomb to get out.

In Seattle, about 150 people marched with large banners reading, “Dismiss Immigration and Customs Enforcement! No cops, prisons, borders, presidents! ” Some painted buildings with anarchist symbols and broke windows, including in the federal courthouse.

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