David Haye thinks White should be wary of Povetkin’s left uppercut


Former world champion David Haye believes Dillian White shouldn’t underestimate Alexander Povetkin and his left uppercut ahead of their November 21 rematch.

“This is a very dangerous fight. I think Dillian doesn’t want to blame his defeat on anything other than a lucky punch. missed one hit. “Anything can happen in boxing. It happens in the heavyweight division.

I don’t think this is the attitude you want. It cannot be said that the opponent won because of an anomaly. With this left uppercut, Povetkin knocked out Carlos Takama in a very equal fight. He throws this punch out regularly. Derek Chisora ​​told me that when they sparred he missed that uppercut. So this is one of the blows in Povetkin’s arsenal.

When you miss someone’s best blow, it’s hard to call it luck. Povetkin has a powerful punch. It’s like getting hit by White’s left hook, “David Haye told Sky Sports.

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