David Haye: “I gave the opening rounds to Chisora ​​with a comfortable advantage”

Former world champion in two weight classes David Haye, who is now the manager of British heavyweight champion Derek Chisora, said that he considered the start of the ward in the fight against Alexander Usik convincing. But at the same time, he admitted that starting from the fifth round, Chisora ​​made him worry.

“In the middle of the fight, I definitely thought that victory was slipping away from Derek. I gave Chisora ​​the opening rounds with a comfortable advantage. I was lucky to see some of his previous fights as Derek has an amazing ability to recover, he trained hard and gave his all every day.

When you thought that he had nothing left, he sat out for a minute, got up and continued walking forward. Chisora ​​pressed very hard on Usyk. Alexander had to give a fiery performance. He was forced to fight as well as he could.

Usyk rated his performance as three. I don’t know what Alexander would say today, but I’m sure he felt terrible. He gave himself a three because Chisora ​​dragged him into a terrible fight. It was an ugly fight, but in it both fighters showed their maximum, “- said David Haye in an interview with Sky Sports.

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