David Haye: “Chisora ​​will do an upset and it will come as a shock to many”


The manager of British heavyweight champion Derek Chisora, David Haye, is confident that his ward will surprise boxing fans against mandatory WBO title contender Alexander Usik.

“Chisora ​​will give an upset, and it will come as a shock to many. Believe me or not, I’m actually glad that the fight has been postponed for so long. now he focuses all the time on the cunning left-hander.

In the fight against Senad Gashi, you may have noticed that Chisora ​​was not completely in the ring. Against Stiletto, you saw the improvement: Derek is much more effective in counterattacks. Chisora ​​put pressure, put his hands into action, shook the Hairpin and effectively knocked out. This is the Derek we need. Since his fight with Hairpin, he has been honing his skills with lefties, with cunning fighters, so that on the day of the fight he will be able to work for 12 rounds, “Haye told Sky Sports.

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