David Allen: “The tendril moves the best, including Fury”


British heavyweight contender David Allen admired the work of Alexander Usyk, whom he is helping to prepare for the fight with Derek Chisora.

“I noticed that on the first day I could hit him with one hit, on the second with another, on the third with the third, but I never got the same hit, never hit him with the same hit twice. Not even with a simple left jab. you will not hit him twice, because he will quickly calculate it.

The tendril moves better than anyone, including Tyson, but at the same time it is 25 kilograms lighter. The tendril moves very well. I didn’t have open sparring with welterweights, but I worked with them in the ring. The tendril is agile and fast, like a world-class welterweight. That’s how great he moves.

Usyk is a very special fighter. I think that they, along with Tyson Fury, are a kilometer ahead of most of the talented boxers with whom I have ever shared the ring, “David Allen told talkSPORT.

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