Daughter Kate Moss first appeared on the runway at the Miu Miu show


18-year-old Leela follows in her mother’s footsteps and conquers the fashion industry.

The daughter of the famous model Kate Moss, Leela, made her catwalk debut. On Tuesday, she opened the Miu Miu show as part of Paris Fashion Week. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was held in a remote format.

Daughter Kate Moss first appeared on the runway at the Miu Miu show

Leela showed off two new items from the brand’s collection: first, she came out in a black oversized blazer, mini-skirt and blue blouse, and then flashed in a sparkling pink top and gold mini-skirt.

Like her mother, Lila Moss entered her first big screening at the age of 18. At this age, Kate made her debut in the show of the spring-summer collection of Dolce & Gabbana. Prior to that, Leela starred for glossy magazines and advertising campaigns for many brands, in particular, she became the face of the cosmetic brand Marc Jacobs.

Although Kate was not seen in the virtual audience of the Miu Miu show on Tuesday, she previously said that she “fully supports whatever Leela wants to do” regarding her modeling career.

It all depends on her. I leave it to her discretion. Of course, I will support her. I’ll be her mom-manager! She can if she wants to. I will support her in everything she wants to do

– said 46-year-old Kate.

Daughter Kate Moss first took to the runway at the Miu Miu show

Photo source: Legion-Media

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