Daniel Roman: “I’m Ready to Fight by Louis Neri”


Former bantamweight champion (up to 55.3 kg), American Daniel Roman (28-3-1, 10 KO) announced his readiness to exercise the right of compulsory challenger and fight the current WBC title holder, Mexican puncher Luis Neri (31-0 -0.24 KO), who won it last weekend.

“After beating Payano, I focused on my fight with Luis Neri for the WBC title. I am a mandatory contender for his belt and I think we can fight without any problems since we both play on PBC and Showtime.

Louis is a real warrior, just like me, and I am ready to fight him anytime, anywhere. He is a really talented fighter, and, no doubt, such a fight would be to the liking of fans, “- said Roman.

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