Cracks began to appear on the cases of the new Microsoft Surface Duo


Microsoft Surface Duo foldable smartphone with two displays entered in sale less than a month ago, and on he was already getting complaints.

What happened

Some users write in forums that the case of the device cracked, even with careful use. The thing is the fact that the body is made of plastic, and cracks went near the USB port Type-C, where is he most subtle.

AT the result due to this may damage the connector itself, which, by the way, is soldered directly to system board. AND As iFixit found out, it is very difficult to repair Surface Duo: for maintainability the novelty received only 2 points from 10.

What to do with now such smartphones it is not clear yet.

Recall that Microsoft Surface Duo costs $ 1,400, but so far it is sold only in the US.

Source: Reddit, MSPU

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