Courteney Cox hasn’t seen her boyfriend Johnny McDade for almost eight months


Quarantine has separated the couple, and Courtney misses her beloved man very much.

Courteney Cox recently appeared on the air of The Vinyl Supper with Foy Vance, in a conversation with whom she complained about a long separation from Johnny McDade, with whom she has been in a relationship for seven years.
In July, Courtney congratulated him on his birthday on Instagram and noted that at that time they had not seen for 133 days. And now, according to the actress, the number of these days has exceeded 200.

He wanted to go to Switzerland to write there. But first he went to England, and then suddenly quarantine was declared. I haven’t seen him for so long. You just have no idea … We, of course, often communicate on FaceTime, but now I think: Lord, how missing his touch. It’s hard, we haven’t been apart for so long

Courtney complained.

After it became clear that Johnny was stuck in another country, Cox decided to quarantine with two of her friends.

They wanted to stay with me since Johnny was far away. I didn’t feel like sitting alone with Coco [дочерью Кортни]… I’m such a coward

– shared the actress.

Courteney Cox hasn't seen her boyfriend Johnny McDade for almost eight months

But the plan with friends also fell through: their tests for coronavirus were positive, and one was even hospitalized.

He was on mechanical ventilation and nearly died. Lay there for 18 days. But now he is completely healthy. It was one of the scariest things ever. I would never have understood this covid if it hadn’t gotten so close,

– summed up Cox. To keep herself busy during quarantine, Courtney decided to start cooking and got so carried away that she began to cook every day:

I thought for a long time what to do with myself. And in the end I learned how to cook a lot of new dishes.

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