Coronavirus vaccine not ready for US presidential election


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s prediction that the coronavirus vaccine will be ready before the November 3 presidential election is not going to come true.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has announced that it will not seek emergency approval for its coronavirus vaccine until the end of November.

Two other leaders in vaccine development have suspended work. The fourth is unlikely to receive results by the end of the year.

Trump has repeatedly said that the vaccine will be available to many even before the election, as part of the administration’s highly publicized Operation Warp Speed, aimed at accelerating its development.

Leading government and nongovernmental scholars have long argued that the announced deadlines are unrealistic.

In a statement, Pfizer CEO Albert Burla said the company might find out by the end of October if its vaccine is working. However, she will be able to judge with confidence about her safety not earlier than the end of November.

“Safety is and will be our top priority,” Burla wrote.

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