Contrary to common sense Motorola, following Xiaomi, introduced the same long-range wireless charging

Xiaomi today announced the new Mi wireless charging technology Air Charge, which allows you to charge smartphones without using a wired docking stations… AND in this the same day after similar technology was presented to her and Motorola.

How it works

Since both developments (Xiaomi and Motorola) represent from yourself a wireless charger that can power your gadgets with long distance, then of course same, without comparisons get along. How it works similar to them, only Mi Air Charge от Xiaomi will be able to charge gadgets on distance of several meters, then in Motorola distance limited to 80100 centimeters.

Charging operation called Motorola One Hyper is shown in video. IN the video, the device charges a pair of Motorola Edge smartphones, which are located from her on different distances.

It is also seen that if an obstacle appears between them (in in this case human hand), then charging stops automatically. But not clear yet, done is it in security reasons or the technology just doesn’t knows how to deal with barriers.

How much will such a charging station cost and when her wait in sale Motorola не specifies.

Source: YouTube

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