Congressmen Says Trump Administration Doesn’t Disclose Details of Recent Cyber ​​Attack


The Trump administration has provided only some details of the recent hacker attack against the structures of the US government. This was announced by several members of the House of Representatives of the US Congress on Friday, after a secret briefing on the topic.

Stephen Lynch, head of the House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Homeland Security, said the information provided was “very disappointing” and that US cybersecurity experts do not seem to have a real idea of ​​the scale of the invasion yet.

Other lawmakers also told reporters that the administration provided too few details.

Also on Friday, Virginia Democrat Senator Mark Warner, deputy chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and co-chairman of the Senate caucus of cybersecurity, issued a special statement linking the hacker attack.

“The SolarWinds hack is a devastating attack on US networks and shows once again that the president and the White House are not taking this issue seriously enough,” said Mark Warner. “An incident of this magnitude and lasting impact requires a committed and public response from the US government, led by a president who understands the implications of this invasion and is actively developing a domestic recovery strategy and an international response.”

The senator said it is extremely disturbing that the president does not seem to understand the gravity of the situation and is not taking appropriate action.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump’s administration and President-elect Joe Biden expressed dismay over a massive invasion of computer systems that Russia is suspected of committing.

The cyber division of the US Department of Homeland Security said the hack “poses a serious threat to the federal and state governments, municipalities … as well as to critical infrastructure and other private sector organizations.”

On Thursday it became known that the US Department of Energy and Microsoft were among the victims of the hack. Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce were attacked.

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