Congress warned of “rebels” promoting “revolution”

Congress warned of “rebels” promoting “revolution”

The Capitol Police Director of Intelligence warned Congress in July that protests against COVID-19 precautionary measures have led to increased violence by right-wing “revolutionary extremists,” according to congressional hearings.

Four months before joining the Capitol Police, John Donahue, then a private security consultant, said the country badly needed a sophisticated early warning system based on social media monitoring (like a nuclear missile launch detection system) to prevent a disaster.

“America is at a crossroads,” Donahue said at a hearing before the House Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee on July 16. “The junction of constitutional rights and legitimate law enforcement has never been exposed to such a risk from internal actors as it is now, when the rebels are actively promoting the revolution.”

“It’s time to recognize this phenomenon and carry out operational work to preserve civil society,” he added.

Donahue was recruited by the Capitol Police as director of intelligence in November, four months after these announcements.

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