Closing remarks in the Senate by Chuck Sumer and Mitch McConnell following the vote

Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump has committed “egregious crimes”

The leader of the Democrats in the upper house of Congress, Chuck Schumer, said that the majority of Republicans, having voted against impeachment, turned a blind eye to the “flagrant crimes” committed by the former president.

He expressed regret that former President Donald Trump was not convicted by the upper house of Congress on charges of incitement to rebellion and was not impeached for his actions and words, which, according to Schumer, were constitutional crimes.

“President Trump falsely claimed that the elections were stolen and that he is the rightful winner. He laid the groundwork for this … lie months before the election, he lied on election night and repeated this lie over 100 times in the following weeks. He called his supporters to Washington, gathered them on the Ellipse, drove them to madness and sent them to the Capitol, “said Schumer.

According to the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, none of the above facts “was not subject to discussion”, since everyone “saw, heard and lived by it.” As Schumer said, this was “the first ever presidential impeachment trial in which all senators were not only judges and juries, but also witnesses to a constitutional crime.”

Despite “flagrant violations of the presidential oath” and the commission of “a classic example of an impeachable crime,” the overwhelming majority of Senate Republicans voted to acquit Donald Trump, Schumer noted with regret. He said that all who voted against impeachment “have forever put their names in history next to (Trump’s).”

However, “as sad as that fact,” added Schumer, “the final indictment vote against Donald Trump was the largest ever impeachment trial in American history.”

Chuck Schumer thanked the “Republican patriots” who supported the Democrats’ accusations and said that their votes should be “a message to the American people.”

Mitch McConnell: Impeachment Of Former President Is Not Constitutional

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also gave a speech in front of colleagues in which he commented on the results of the trial to impeach Donald Trump in the Senate.

McConnell has repeatedly denounced the actions and words of the former president, who with his rhetoric provoked “American citizens to attack their own government” and “resort to terrorism to try to stop a democratic process that they do not like.”

According to the Republican leader, Trump supporters “tried to hunt down the Speaker of the House of Representatives and chanted demands to kill the vice president … because the most powerful man on Earth fed them with wild lies, simply because he was angry at his election loss,” McConnell said. …

“The actions of former President Trump prior to the riot were shameful,” the senator stressed, but immediately added that the Democrats in the House of Representatives accused Trump of incitement to rebellion, which is “a specific term from the criminal law”.

The Constitution gives the Senate a special role, McConnell stressed – this body is not intended to “act as … the moral tribunal of the nation.” According to the senator, if Trump was still in power, he would “carefully consider the evidence of the charges presented by the leaders of the House of Representatives.” However, by “strict criminal standards, the president’s speech was most likely not incitement …”

McConnell called the accusations made by the Democrats against Trump “controversial” because the former president cannot be removed from power under the Constitution, since he is no longer in power.

Mitch McConnell added that until the last moment he defended the president’s right to file complaints about the election results in courts.

“The judicial system has had its say. The Electoral College has also spoken. The leader of the free world cannot shout for weeks that our country is being plundered by dark forces, and then feign surprise when people who believe him commit reckless acts, ”McConnell said.

He stated that the president “did not do his job, did not take steps to comply with federal law and restore order.” However, all this does not give the Senate the right to declare impeachment to the already outgoing president, the senator added. But the case is not over, McConnell concluded, and could be pursued in criminal and civil courts.

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