Chris Evans showed off his sculpted torso as he jumped into the pool “for the last time”

The actor closes the pool for the winter and decided to capture his flip into the water.

Chris Evans is still in Captain America’s uniform. The actor recently shared a video in which he showed how he dives into his pool. Chris appeared in front of the camera in some shorts and did a back flip. In the description of the video, Evans explained that he took a dip in the pool for the last time, and then closed it for the winter.

In September, Chris Evans became a social media hero after accidentally flashing his photo gallery while recording from the phone screen, where there was a photo of his genitals. The snapshot of Chris made a splash on the web and raised his name to the first lines on Google and Twitter. However, this did not spoil the actor’s reputation. Finding himself one of the most talked about people for several days, Evans seized the opportunity to urge Americans to go to the presidential elections in November.

And he recently criticized Donald Trump on Twitter after the president, still infected with the coronavirus, optimistically urged people not to fear the disease.

Don’t be afraid of covid. Don’t let him dominate your life. I feel better now than 20 years ago!

– wrote Trump when he was discharged from a military hospital after three days of treatment.
Chris retorted:

Don’t be afraid of covid ?! You were under the round-the-clock supervision of the best doctors, you were given the best medicines. Do you think everyone can afford it ?! Unfortunately, I’m sure you are aware of this inequality, but you don’t care. This is reckless to a shocking degree, even for you.

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