Chris Algieri explains why Lomachenko fought Lopez so carefully


Former world champion Chris Algieri believes that Vasily Lomachenko was hesitant in the fight against Teofimo Lopez, as he was puzzled by the power, speed and accuracy of the enemy.

“I don’t quite believe that it happened because Loma didn’t do enough. I think his hands were tied because of Lopez’s power, speed and accurate counterattacks. made the fight difficult for Loma.

Lomachenko did not want to risk it in the beginning. Later, he simply walked through the fire to get to Lopez, taking powerful blows. Lomachenko was able to deliver his punches and his accuracy was incredible. When he finally started throwing punches, they hit the mark.

Look, you can’t win rounds if you don’t hit. Excellent defense, good control, the ability to change levels, get closer and move away without taking hits or taking damage, it’s cool, but if you don’t hit, you don’t win the rounds, “Chris Algieri said in an interview with Fight Hub. TV.


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