Chisora: “Fury owes me a third fight, and he’s a man of his word.”


Apparently, Derek Chisore has few rivals that he already has, so he decided to challenge Tyson Fury to fight. And this despite the fact that the balance of Chisora’s meetings with the “Gypsy King” is 0-2 in favor of the latter. In 2011, Fury defeated Chisora ​​by unanimous decision, and in a 2014 rematch, Fury stopped him in round 10.

Much has changed in the careers of both fighters since then. Fury won the title of world champion and became one of the best boxers on the planet. Chisora, won something, lost something, but did not achieve such success.

Now, as you know, Chisora ​​is preparing for a battle with Usyk, in a victory over which, by the way, he is absolutely sure. And after that, the Briton is ready to fight Fury.

“I think that the fight with the” Gypsy King “will be excellent, especially since he promised me a third fight. In any case, he owes me, and he is a man of his word.”

It is unclear when Chisora ​​might fight Fury. On December 5, Tyson “returns home” to a fight with an as yet undefined opponent, and next year he is expected to fight Joshua if he defeats Pulev. In turn, Chisora ​​on October 31 will face a difficult battle with Usyk, which the Briton, if he wants to get Fury as rivals, must definitely win.

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