China successfully lit its own “artificial sun”

China has successfully launched its own “artificial sun” – the HL-2M fusion reactor. This is a great achievement for the state and for the entire nuclear energy sector of the country.

The HL-2M tokamak is China’s largest and most advanced fusion reactor, with great hopes for the future of clean energy. It uses a powerful magnetic field to generate and hold hot plasma and is capable of developing temperatures in excess of 150 million degrees Celsius – 10 times the temperature of the solar core.

The HL-2M is located in the southwestern province of Sichuan and was completed late last year. He received the nickname “artificial sun” for the temperature and power that it can develop. Chinese scientists plan to use the tokamak in partnership with their colleagues who are working on the ITER International Experimental Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, the world’s largest reactor of this type, located in France. Completion of its construction is expected in 2025.

Thermonuclear fusion is considered the most promising direction in the development of energy. During fusion, the nuclei of atoms combine, releasing an incredible amount of energy. This process is the opposite of nuclear fission, which is used in nuclear weapons and in the operation of modern nuclear power plants. Fusion does not emit greenhouse gases and is much less at risk of catastrophic incidents. However, the implementation of synthesis in practice is extremely difficult and very expensive – for example, the total cost of ITER is estimated at $ 22.5 billion. Therefore, any progress in this area is of great importance for everything. humanity.

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