Cheating has nothing to do with Nai Rivera’s ex-husband explained why he lives with her sister


After the death of Nai Rivera, her four-year-old son Jody began to live with his dad, Nai’s ex-husband Ryan Dorsey. Recently it became known that Nai’s sister, Nikayla, moved in with him and helps Ryan take care of the child.

The public found this situation strange, some began to criticize Nikayla for getting close to the ex-husband of her late sister. But Nikayla explained that she did it for the sake of her nephew.

Recently, Ryan himself commented on his relationship with the sister of his ex-wife.

The son asked if Titi could live with us. “I want her to always live with us,” he said. Because now she is the closest thing that connects him to his mother. As a single parent, you need help to cope with the tragedy and get back to work. But this is a temporary phenomenon. How could you deny him this after all that he went through? In the name of what? What will strangers say about it?

Ryan said.

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He noted that Nikayla sacrificed a lot to help her nephew:

This young woman is his kin, his blood, his Titi. She paused her life and sacrificed a lot to get the child out of grief and sorrow.

Nikayla’s stay in the house benefits Dorsey himself:

When you put the child to bed, you no longer have to sit alone with your thoughts. You don’t load up and think about when things will finally get better. At least there is someone to talk to or just sit and mourn in silence. You don’t have to suffer alone.

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