Caviar unveils Samsung Galaxy S21, Sony PlayStation 5 and AirPods Max in gold and crocodile skin

Apparently, the Caviar team was already tired of creating expensive versions of iPhones, so they switched to others not less interesting new items Sony PlayStation 5, AirPods Max, Nike Air Jordan и not yet featured Samsung Galaxy S21.

What do they offer

The use of gold unites this collection 750th samples. Perhaps the most expensive was a special version of the PlayStation 5 game console, which was called Golden Rock. On her production took about 20 kg gold.

«The body of this exclusive gadget is made in original jewelry technique, due to which the outer outline resembles a crystalline rock, which adds volume and texture of the model. Designers were inspired by the unique geometry of gold ore and graceful beautiful outlines of this rock», told Caviar.

In addition, you can purchase special joysticks with gold inserts and crocodile skin. But, to unfortunately, the price of such an expensive set is not is revealed.

Next novelty full-size AirPods Max headphones with cups of gold 750th samples and headband from crocodile skin. On the choice is black and white version.

A unannounced flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 (more precisely, its gold version from Caviar) received a body from lasting PVD coatings and back panel of pure gold. Pattern on the lid looms in number 21.

Finally, Nike Air Jordan sneakers dazzle the eyes with their diamonds them as many as 68! Not forgot and about inserts from gold.

Source: Caviar

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