NASA scientists fear pirates will steal their telescope
At a recent meeting on NASA’s key instrument, the James Webb Space Telescope, the agency’s engineers voiced a strange thing.
The rarest meteorite from the distant past fell in front of the house of the British couple
On February 28, thousands of British residents watched a huge meteorite fall for six seconds. Unlike most of his congeners, who burn without a trace when
Astrophysicists declare: we have chosen not the best place and time to build a civilization
In scientific circles, the hypothesis is increasingly being expressed that the existence of life on Earth, and even more so its long evolution to an intelligent
The Solar Orbiter was able to approach the Sun thanks to a coating of ground bones
A joint development by NASA and ESA, the Solar Orbiter, a spacecraft for the study of the sun, launched last February, made its first approach to the star.
American scientists have proposed the project “Noah’s Ark” in the depths of the moon
The likelihood of a global catastrophe caused by humans, accompanied by the death of millions of people, animals and plants, is very high and is constantly increasing.
NASA first published a recording of the sounds of Mars
From now on, anyone using the SoundCloud online platform will be able to listen to Martian sounds recorded and transmitted to Earth by the Perseverance rover.
Every white dot in this image is a huge black hole.
The previous view of a black hole as a kind of object that does not let go of even light from itself has now been refuted. A striking, in every sense
A box of pills will be placed overboard the ISS to study the effect of space on medicines
Among the cargo delivered to the ISS by the next transport flight, there will be a special batch of tablets from the University of Adelaide (UA), manufactured
Russia and China agreed to jointly build a lunar scientific station
Russia and China signed an intergovernmental Memorandum of Cooperation within the framework of the joint creation of the International Lunar Science Station (ILRS).
NASA is ready to pay $ 500,000 for new ideas for space food
NASA has launched a new project called the Deep Space Food Challenge, which aims to collect ideas and technologies to address the food safety of astronauts