Carl Froch: “Wilder is stronger than ever. You buried him too soon


Renowned British boxer (former WBC World Middleweight Champion) Carl Froch, in an interview on IFL TV, shared his impressions of the last fight between Wilder and Fury. Froch believes that Wilder was “buried” too early:

“You wrote him off, didn’t you? Was it just because he said that the equipment was too heavy and his legs were tired? So everyone started to mock him. In fact, I’m sure he didn’t want to talk about the real reason and said the first thing that came to mind. ”

According to Froch, the real reason for Wilder’s defeat was Fury’s total superiority in all respects, but the American could not publicly admit this fact. As for the current state of Wilder, Froch believes that he has finally recovered from defeat and is confident about the future.

Deontay Wilder, former WBC Heavyweight Champion 2015-20 (42-1-1) and Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC champion (31-0-1) have met twice. The last fight ended with the unconditional victory of the Briton in the 7th round. It happened on February 22, 2020, and a rematch is expected on December 19, 2020.

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