Carl Frampton: “Lomachenko’s decision to fight Lopez unhealthy suggests that he is a warrior”


Former world champion Carl Frampton praised Vasily Lomachenko for wanting to fight Teofimo Lopez despite a shoulder injury.

“There was news that Lomachenko underwent shoulder surgery after the fight with Lopez. It is reported that his father did not want him to fight, but Lomachenko wanted to fight. He talked about potential retirement if the fight did not take place.

I think there is no need to take anything away from Lopez, we must appreciate his victory in this fight. He won deservedly and justly. But it is obvious that Lomachenko was not completely ready. I think we should give him credit for conducting this fight. He didn’t have to fight. We need to express great respect to him for doing this. Although Lomachenko did not win, he took several rounds in the second half of the fight. So we must commend him for that.

I think that Lomachenko’s decision to fight Lopez unhealthy suggests that he is a warrior. He wanted the fans to see the fight, and it happened. As for the rematch, I don’t think this fight should happen. It seems to me that Lopez deserves a chance to rise higher. I think that he will have big fights in the first welterweight division. As for me, he should go there, “- said Carl Frampton in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

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