Cardi B reconnects with her husband despite divorce: “I’m just crazy.”


She called Offset her best friend.

In September, Cardi B filed for divorce from her husband, rapper Offset. In a statement, she noted that their relationship is “irrevocably severed” and “there are no prospects for reconciliation.” But less than a month later, Cardi missed her husband. On October 11, the star celebrated his birthday in Las Vegas and invited Offset to it. At the party, the couple kissed a lot, and the rapper also sweetly congratulated Cardi on the Web.

Fans didn’t understand what was going on in their relationship, but Cardi recently explained everything herself by chatting with fans on a live Instagram feed. According to her, they really reunited because they feel good together.

I’m just crazy. Now I feel happy, then everything pisses me off, then I start to get bored … Well, it’s difficult not to talk to your best friend, it’s really difficult. And it’s very difficult without a man

– said the rapper. And noted that she does not have bipolar disorder. At the same time, the divorce process, according to an insider, continues. But Cardi and Offset see each other and spend time together with their common daughter Culcher.

Cardi B reconnects with her husband despite divorce:

Also, during the broadcast with fans, Cardi told how she managed to post a dubious candid photo on the social network, for which she felt embarrassed. She said that she was in bed with Offset at that moment.

I took a photo, and then I clicked something and I see that it is loading. And I’m like, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Offset! It’s loading! ” And he’s like, “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa”

– shared Cardi.

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