Cardi B officially stops divorce proceedings with her husband

Cardi B officially stops divorce proceedings with her husband

As if nothing had happened.

Cardi B and Offset have officially renewed their relationship. According to TMZ, the 28-year-old rapper has filed documents in order to stop the divorce proceedings, which she began in September. This is the second time Cardi has canceled her divorce from her husband.

In September, the celebrity said that her relationship with Offset was “irrevocably severed” and “there is no prospect for reconciliation.” According to insiders, the reason for this could be Offset’s betrayal. One of the sources noted that the rapper regularly cheated on his wife, and she endured it because of their common child, “but this time her patience was exhausted.”

However, less than a month later, Cardi’s determination subsided and she was again seen in the arms of Offset. For this, the rapper had to make excuses to the fans. “I’m just crazy. Now I feel happy, then everything pisses me off, then I start to get bored … Well, it’s hard not to talk to your best friend, it’s really hard. And it’s very difficult without a man, “Cardi said. And just in case, she noted that she does not have bipolar disorder.

Cardi also said that her daughter, Offset, Kulcher, after a conflict between parents, missed her father and asked where he was. The star stressed that she is not one of those women who “touch men.” “An ordinary woman can sort out men: I don’t like one – that’s it, goodbye. I’m not like that. I’m fucking Cardi B, ”said the rapper while talking to fans.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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