Cameron Diaz joked that she must live to 107 due to the late birth of her daughter


The actress first became a mother this year at the age of 47.

Cameron Diaz had a daughter, Reddicks, earlier this year. The girl was born with the help of a surrogate mother. The actress and her husband, rock musician Benji Madden, are crazy about their new life as parents and spend all their time with the baby. In a recent interview with Naomi Campbell, Cameron noted that she is now thinking about how to live longer so that she can spend more time with her daughter.

“Many people get married and have children in their youth. And I had all this in the second half of my life. The only thing that weighs on me now is the thought of how I can live to be 107 years old, ”Diaz said jokingly.

Perhaps the actress will join the ranks of centenarians, because, according to her, after the birth of her daughter, she has the happiest period of her life. “Despite all my amazing experience, travel, successful work, all my completed projects, which I am proud of, I know that now is the happiest time. Starting a family when you are young … is like everything else when you are young: you just do it. And at my age, this is a conscious choice. And it requires a lot of work, “- said the star.

Diaz, according to her, adds happiness and serenity to the fact that she stopped acting in films. The last time the star appeared on the screens in 2014 in the musical “Annie”. Cameron does not say that she is done with her film career, but is in no hurry to return to work. “I felt calmer. I have finally found peace of mind and can take care of myself. When you are filming, you are at the disposal of others. You are busy 12 hours a day, and you have no time for anything else. I realized that I just gave part of my life to these people. And I needed to get her back, “- said the actress in an interview.

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