“Called a frog”: Tori Spelling talks about bullying during “Beverly Hills 90210”


The actress’s hallmark was once her main complex.

Tory Spelling, 47, remembered the complexes of her youth and shared on Instagram a note about how during the series “Beverly Hills 90210” she was bullied because of her large eyes.

I hated my eyes. When I started filming in 90210, I was 16 and had low self-esteem. Then the Internet trolls (yes, then they were also!) Called me frog and goggle-eyed,

– shared the actress.

When you are a young girl, and you are discussed and examined under a microscope, it is very difficult. I begged the makeup artists to make my eyes look smaller, I cried in the dressing room,

– writes Tory. At the same time, her father, the producer of the series Aaron Spelling, insisted that the eyes of the actors should not be hidden.

He always said: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” And he never allowed actors to appear in dark glasses. He was sure that everything could be conveyed with his eyes. I have followed this rule ever since. I always look people in the eye, I never look away. And I teach my children to show respect for people and to look them in the eyes when they talk to them,

– said the actress.

Tory managed to fall in love with her eyes after filming the movie “Scream 2” and the photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone, where she reproduced a scene from the movie “Psycho”.

My eyes became central to that photo. They fully showed my emotions. That’s what I am. My eyes make me unique. And I hardly wear dark glasses

– she noted.

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