Brook’s Coach: “If Kell doesn’t press Crawford, he’ll lose early.”


Dominic Ingle, coach of the British ex-welterweight champion (up to 66.7 kg) Kell Brook (39-2-0, 27 KO), believes that the first third of the fight with American Terence Crawford (36-0-0, 27 KO) will become is ultimately decisive.

“Kell has to be in top shape to win. Basically, he needs to do what he always does, which is to push Crawford, get out, and then strike and make sure he was accurate. Of course, Kell believes in himself, but I cannot guarantee that he will have enough stamina, because he has not performed with this weight for more than three years.

Crawford is smart and if he senses Kell’s strength, he will begin to move, hoping that Kell will “sit down” towards the end of the fight. And if Kell doesn’t press on him, he will lose either on points or by stopping in the later rounds. And we’ll find out in the first four rounds, ”Ingle said.

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