Brook’s coach assesses his odds against Crawford


Dominic Ingle, coach of the British ex-welterweight champion (up to 66.7 kg) Kell Brook (39-2-0, 27 KO), who refused this week to prepare him for a fight with American Terence Crawford (36-0-0, 27 KO ), assessed his chances.

“I think Kell is capable of beating Terence Crawford, but he needs the best preparation in life and a smooth weight racer. And there needs to be a team behind him. There should be people with experience around, no matter how experienced you are.”

The Boxer must concentrate only on the fight. I don’t know who we are dealing with now, but this does not mean that we have a conflict. We never fight. But he made a decision. He is 34 years old, a father of three, and has money, “Ingle said.

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