Britney Spears hardly recognized in the new photos: “Are they keeping you locked up in the attic?”


The singer continues to “scare” fans with her Instagram posts.

We will remind, among the fans of Britney Spears, many believe that “something is clearly wrong with her,” and some suggest that she is being held hostage.

Spears recently posted her “honest” photo from the Instagram vs Reality series. In the picture, she poses at home with glasses, wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and slippers.

I wanted to show you how I look in everyday life. Sometimes I feel insecure if I’m being photographed and I’m not ready. So I put in a lot of effort to look good. But sometimes it’s so nice not to bother. But this requires inner strength. PS Another fun fact about me: instead of being a cheerleader, I played basketball at school. I was point guard. But our team sucked, we won three games in a season. And in this photo I’m trying to fix the light and it turned out that I am too short,

– shared Britney.

Apparently, Britney explained the presence of a stepladder next to her in the frame. But, apparently, many did not finish reading to this moment, and the stepladder confused them. Spears’ simple appearance and the presence of the stairs fueled the imagination of the conspiracy theorists. “Why do you need a ladder? Are they keeping you locked up in the attic or somewhere else? “Honey, is everything okay?” – users write.

It is interesting that the phrase “something is wrong with her”Began to appear in Britney’s comments more and more often. Users find her photographs, dance videos and microblog entries strange. “Is it just me or her all dances are the same and somehow strange?”, “Looks creepy,” “It can be seen that she is not all right,” fans comment on Spears’ fresh publications.

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