Brian Austin Green responded to the accusations of the former bride: “My character is legendary.”

The actor ironically commented on the words of his ex, who said that he was a bad father.

Recently, the former lover of Brian Austin Green, Vanessa Marsil, spoke unflatteringly about the actor and stated that she supports Megan Fox, who this year decided to break up with him. Vanessa said that Green is “an angry and sad guy who is ashamed to take on his father’s responsibility.” Vanessa and Brian have a difficult divorce story, and they also have a common son, 18-year-old Cassius.

In a new episode of his podcast, Brian ironically commented on Vanessa’s remark:

I am always angry and sad. And I don’t know what to do about it. Today I’m more angry, I don’t know why. My character is legendary. If you ask around people in the film industry, everyone will say that I am angry and sad. And act like a diva on set.

Green’s podcast co-host, Derek Russell, complemented his comment by quoting Vanessa, who said she never loved Brian:

I accompanied your every step, but I never loved you, Brian. I never loved you.

What a shame

Green answered him.

Vanessa and Brian parted ways in 2003, and Brian wanted to become his son’s sole guardian and minimize his contact with his mother. According to Vanessa, he wanted her to see her son a maximum of 4 days a month. Green also tried to sue back 200 thousand dollars, which he once transferred to the needs of his son, but then changed his mind. The custody trials of Cassius lasted for 13 years, and in the end Green lost the case. At the same time, Brian stopped communicating with his son when he was 11 years old, and did not communicate with him until his 16th birthday. Only recently have their communication resumed.

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