Brandon Figueroa’s words after an early victory over Damien Vasquez


“Regular” WBA bantamweight champion (up to 55.3 kg), American Brandon Figueroa (21-0-1, 16 KO) commented on the early victory over compatriot Damien Vasquez (15-2-1, 8 KO), won today in the a massive boxing evening from Showtime.

“I felt good. It was clear that the pressure would do its job, but he turned out to be tougher than I expected. The guy lasted ten rounds, although I hit him both in the head and in the body. I walked dangerously with my head, and I did not want to be whipped.

He was indeed beaten. He threw the jab just to survive. But he’s cool, I give him credit. He came out here and proved that he was worthy to share the ring with me, although I understood that he would not make it to the 12th round, “Figueroa said.

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