Brad Pitt broke up with his beloved Nicole Poturalski


Insiders say they were “not so serious.” Plus, Nicole is married.

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski broke up, according to sources from the ex-couple’s entourage. And although their relationship lasted only a few months, they managed to make a splash.

According to insiders, there was nothing serious between the actor and the model initially.

Brad was realistic about this relationship. She lives in Germany, and he has a difficult family situation, which he still understands,

– said the informant.

Nicole’s family situation is also interesting: she is married to 68-year-old businessman Roland Mary and brings up a 7-year-old son with him. But they adhere to an “open relationship”, so Poturalski was entitled to an affair on the side. Roland and Nicole are still together and have recently appeared in public.

Brad Pitt broke up with his beloved Nicole Poturalski

As for Pitt, there is a feeling that an affair with a German model exacerbated his already difficult relationship with Angelina Jolie. Former spouses find it difficult to resolve the issue of child custody. As far as we know, Jolie would like to raise her children alone, and Pitt and a team of lawyers are trying to regain paternity. But after the news that Brad went with Poturalski to his estate with Jolie, Angelina’s position on raising children with her ex-husband became even tougher.

Photo source: Legion-Media


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